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Enrollment and Reservations

  • $500.00 enrollment deposit is required for all courses unless guaranteed by a government agency.  $150.00 of the deposit is NOT refundable if the student cancels.  See below for the KSST cancellation and refund policy.
  • This school is not accredited and  hours earned in our program do not transfer to accredited schools and may not quality students for employment. 
  • If using Voc Rehab,  or other funding source, funding must be approved in writing prior to the start of the course. 
  • Tetanus shots need to be up-to-date IAW your physicians recommendation

Funding Programs

  • Kindred Spirits School of Taxidermy is bonded, in the amount of $50,000  through the Merchants Bonding Company.
  • KSST is approved to accept students under the Vocational Rehabilitation Programs for the states of Arizona, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois and Iowa.  We can also accept VETERANS using the Voc Rehab Program, Chapter 31.

Code of Conduct

  • Substance Abuse Policy. The school will provide information about the policy to all students during orientation and to all staff , including any sanctions for violation of the policy and any substance abuse prevention programs for students and staff. No alcohol, tobacco, firearms or drugs in the school at any time. Designated smoking areas are outside. 
  • Sexual Abuse Policy, The school will provide information about the policy to all students, during orientation ,  and staff, including counseling, campus security, education, and facilitating accurate and prompt reporting of any type of sexual abuse. 
  • Respect school property and tools.  Report any damaged equipment or missing parts. 
  • Foul  language and attitudes have no place in a professional business setting.
  • Students must communicate with the instructor if class is to be missed PRIOR to the start of that days class, and arrangements must be made to make up that time at the convenience of the teacher. If a student misses three times without being excused that  may result in an incomplete. Students with an incomplete must repeat that portion of the course, at their own expense. 
  • Use of safety equipment is not negotiable.  Hazardous/flammable materials must be handled IAW school and product safety instructions.
  • All specimens must be legally taken and properly tagged IAW Federal & local laws.  No exceptions!
  • Failure to follow the school's code of conduct may result in possible termination for misconduct without refund. Students who are terminated may only be reinstated if the school administration desires to do so. 

  • All policies are available in writing upon request. 

Cancellation and Refund

We understand that life events occur without notification.  If a conflict arises, please communicate to us as soon as possible your intent.  Instead of cancelling a class we encourage you to consider rescheduling.We require a two week written notification of cancellation.If a class is cancelled by the school prior to the start, enrolled students will receive a full refund.The school is not responsible for any loss the student incurs due to the cancellation of the class.The school is NOT required to refund any tuition once 75% of the class is completed.Money will be refunded to the person or agency from which it came as required by law.

  • Veterans receiving government funding will be handled IAW Federal Title 38 guidelines.To any student who is the military, national guard or reserve forces of the United States, and who is ordered to national guard duty or federal active duty: If a student must withdraw from the enrolled course, the school will make arrangements to refund any tuition and mandatory fees., if the student can possibly make arrangements to return and complete the enrolled course, then the student and school agree that they would give credit towards the completion of that course, the tuition and mandatory fees would remain intact. 
  • If the student then cannot return to complete the enrolled course then the school would refund the tuition and mandatory fees. 
  • The school keeps and stores the students academic records in a password protected external hard drive kept off campus for a period of three years from the students graduation. 


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